• Only students pursuing full time MBA/PGDM course are eligible to participate in this event.
  • A Team can have one/two members. All members should be from the same institute. Also, a member cannot be part of more than one team.
  • Only one entry per team is allowed i.e. one team can play only on 1 ticket.
  • Multiple entries from an institute are allowed
  • A Team can win any prize only once, but can play for all the prizes even after winning other prizes (if a team has won Line 1, it can still play for other prizes like Line 2, Line 3 etc. and cannot play for Line 1 (in case there are multiple prizes for any category)).
  • In case any violation is found, tickets and prizes (already won, also) will stand canceled.
  • In case of a boogie ticket, prizes already won remain, but player cannot play any further.
  • In case you find any error in your ticket then please contact immediately, no requests would be undertaken once the game starts.
  • The organizers reserves the right to update the rules of the event at any time and will do their best to keep the participants informed of the changes but it is ultimately the responsibility of each and every participant to be aware of any updates